Query multiple Google Analytics Segments at once

James StandenAnalytics, Analytics Canvas pro tips, Tableau

Segments are awesome but Google Analytics only lets you compare 4 at a time in the web interface. Now Analytics Canvas lets you query as many advanced segments as you want all at once.

This article is for Universal Analytics and the Reporting API V4.

For GA4, the Data API does not contain segments, however our GA4 BigQuery SQL Editor provides a familiar interface for building segments and will even write the SQL for you!

visit: https://analyticscanvas.com/share-segments-ga4/ to sign-up for the private beta.

This lets you create comparisons across lots of different sets of sessions or users, and do it with a single query- Analytics Canvas does all the tedious API calls in the background as always, giving you the data set you want.

This works for both GA defined segments and the segments that you have created. And when we say unlimited, we mean unlimited- the only limit is your 10,000 api calls a day, and you can get a lot of segmented data for that.

Check this out- bounce and session duration for every GA segment- one query (the lovely graph is created by Tableau, one of our favorite viz tools):


Pick as many Google Analytics Segments as you want

  • Pick which Views you want to include (as many as you want)
  • Define the query you want
  • Select as many segments as you want

This lets you get around the limit of four advanced segments at once in Google Analytics- and now you can compare even dozens of segments together in a single data set.

Try it now with the free trial of Analytics Canvas on your data. Check out this quick tutorial to get you started: