Data Prep and Integration for Google Data Studio

Simplify repetitive and routine tasks of data cleansing, blending, preparation and publishing

You’re a data-artist working to create impactful reports in Google Data Studio but are dealing with raw streams of data that are not ready for visualization, limiting the value of your creations.

Analytics Canvas provides a visual platform for connecting to various data sources, profiling, cleaning, and preparing datasets for reporting and analysis. Using a visual, drag and drop report builder, you can design data workflows, add users to your datasets, and publish tables for Authors and Viewers in Google Data Studio.

Get all your data into Data Studio

  • Connect to multiple sources even with very large data sets, including Amazon Redshift, Oracle, TeraData, and SQL Server
  • Join data from multiple sources, clean, transform, filter, and aggregate data sets to get them ready for analysis in Data Studio
  • Publish your data, defining which Data Studio Authors can see which data sets
data from multiple sources brought into Google Data Studio

From raw data to ready data

When business logic and data transformations are hidden inside a workbook they are difficult to replicate and difficult to audit, leading to data discrepancies and “multiple versions of the truth”.

Canvas provides a visual data layer, allowing the analyst to add business rules, perform data cleansing and aggregation tasks, and build a visual data pipeline that is easy to audit, update, and automate.

multiple data sources in one chart for Google Data Studio Reports

Multiple data sources in one chart

Canvas allows you to connect to multiple data sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, and various database and file types.

With Canvas, you can join or combine multiple data sources together and get them in the same chart. Want to see multiple websites in the same data table, or enrich your Search Console data with page titles and keyword segments? Now you can!

multiple Google Analytics sites in one Data Studio report

Share and manage access to your datasets

Share datasets and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and contractors by adding them to any dataset at anytime.

  • Add users to any dataset and have them instantly access your datasets in their reports.
  • Manage access to each dataset individually
  • Manage dataset access by user
adding users to your Google Data Studio reports

Google Analytics for Google Data Studio

The full suite of Google Analytics capabilities available in Analytics Canvas is now available in Data Studio.

  • Compare multiple accounts or segments in the same chart
  • Generate and publish clean, unsampled data sets for Standard and 360 accounts
  • Extract all your history data from all your accounts
unsampled Google Analytics data in Google Data Studio

Google Search Console for Google Data Studio

  • Compare multiple websites together in the same report
  • Append data to your Search Console reports to collect and analyze history beyond existing limits
  • Refresh and backup your data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
Search console data from multiple sites in Google Data Studio

Review our step-by-step guide to see how you can get your data into Data Studio today.