Automate your data workflows

Increase your productivity and deliver data on-time, everytime

Speed up your reporting processes

Save time and schedule updates for no-touch automation - everything from simple tasks and keeping Google Analytics datamarts updated on a daily basis to complex processes involving multiple stages or steps.

Server automation dramatically speeds up processes and eliminates dependency on analysts and IT to update databases and dashboards by automatically extracting data and writing to the right place.

Email notifications

Stay up to date with the status of your automation jobs with email notifications containing the full details of each run.

Email dashboards and datasets

Canvas lets you email files generated by the automation job so you can have your Excel or Tableau dashboards delivered to an inbox for true no-touch, end-to-end automation.

Integrate with other ETL tools

If you’re using an ETL tool or enterprise system, Analytics Canvas generate files or databases so your main system can understand what is happening.

Load huge amounts of historic data

Configure automation jobs to load millions of rows of historic data during off-peak hours. Canvas lets you request and process data in small increments, reducing the likelihood of errors and making it easy to identify and correct holes in your dataset.

Advanced command line automation

Process data from hundreds of Google Analytics accounts, preparing dashboards for each one, and have them emailed or published to Tableau. Canvas enables you to use scripting techniques and templates to simplify repetitive tasks.