Connect to Your Databases and Automate your ETL Processes

Behind the firewall or in the Cloud

Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL Microsoft Access Oracle Google BigQuery TeraData MySQL

Load Google Analytics into your database

Analytics Canvas connects directly to Google Analytics using the Google data API, so it can pull HUGE amounts of data out- and it also connects to databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access as well as providing easy access to data in Excel and text files.

Refresh Google Analytics data

Automate and schedule data loads to keep your database up to date and accurate. Capture late-arriving and re-assigned hits using a 10-day incremental load process.

With or without SQL

Technical users can write SQL to extract specific datasets and to perform operations before writing to database tables.

Non-technical users can access data from databases without writing SQL and use a visual editor to clean and prepare data for analysis before loading it into databases, dashboards and files.

> Select * from DB where website =

Inject SQL into automation jobs

Dynamically generate SQL by passing parameters into database queries.

Log automation activity to your database

Monitor your data jobs by logging automation activity to your database.

Cross database joins

Connect to multiple data warehouses in one place and perform cross database unions and joins. Canvas provides a visual editor enabling all join types and joining on multiple columns.

Move data between databases

Connect to multiple databases in one place and move data between tables or between data warehouses.