Automate Excel Dashboards and Reports

Eliminate manual processes without a developer or a single line of code

Get your GA and other data into Excel

Get your data from Google Analytics accounts and other data sources into one or more Excel spreadsheets.

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Automate Google Analytics to Excel dashboards

There is no easier way to automate Excel dashboards and reports. No SQL or VBA knowledge required; just drag and drop blocks and write simple formulas.

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Create Excel templates and replicate GA dashboards for all your Websites

Say goodbye to report fatigue. We make it easy to create dozens, if not hundreds, of the same report for each of your Websites. Increase the frequency of reports and meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

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Schedule and email your Excel dashboards

Canvas enables end-to-end automation, from extracting raw data, to performing calculations, loading it into worksheets, and emailing dashboards to colleagues and clients.