Google Analytics Data Management for UA and GA4

Backup your Universal Analytics data and build reporting for GA4 using industry-leading connectors to the GA4 Data API and GA4 BigQuery Export.


Trusted with Google Analytics reporting for over 10 years by leading brands around the world.

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⚠️ Back-up your Universal Analytics data before it's gone forever. Download now from just $99/view!
Extract raw data from Google Analytics

Industry leading Google Analytics 4 connectors

Best-in-class, fully supported Google Analytics data connectors to Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 [GA4]. Use a visual interface into the Google Analytics APIs to create queries, access large volumes of data from multiple accounts, eliminate sampling, create custom funnels, and more. Learn More
Eliminate manual reporting

Explore data and design data workflows

Analytics Canvas gives you the tools to connect to data, explore it, transform it, and prepare it for analysis, ensuring routine tasks of cleaning, transforming and preparing data are consistent every time. Quickly and accurately respond to changing business requirements, while maintaining fully-documented and easy to audit workflows.

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Automate and schedule dashboards and reports

Automate everything on your servers or in our cloud

Whether you're updating databases or publishing routine reports, Canvas has the tools to automate your workflows from end-to-end. Run automation tasks on your own servers and behind your firewall, or use our new cloud automation service for simplicity and scalability.

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Google Analytics Excel dashboards

Backup UA data, blend UA data with GA4, and connect to the GA4 API and BigQuery export

Backup your Universal Analytics data before it's gone!  Our industry leading UA backup utility will export your Universal Analytics data with ease.

Unlock more insight from Google Analytics with the industry's best software for blending UA and GA4 data together and for extracting GA4 data from the API or BigQuery.

  • Best-in-class connector for exporting Universal Analytics data
  • Best-in-class connectors for GA4, including the API and GA4 BigQuery export
  • Manage quota issues in GA4 and get all your data in Looker Studio, Tableau, PowerBI, and other visualization tools
  • Eliminate GA4 sampling in most cases
  • Extract from multiple accounts and Properties
  • Export to BigQuery, Sheets, Looker Studio, databases and files
  • Automate GA4 reporting

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Get data into Data Studio

More data faster in Looker Studio

The Analytics Canvas Data Studio Partner Connector lets you bring in data from GA4, BigQuery, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift and other databases, files and APIs. As a standalone connector it relieves pressure on reporting systems and delivers best-in-class, highly scalable reporting using Google Looker Studio.

  • Create data sets up to 2 billion rows each
  • Get data from GA4 to Looker Studio and avoid quota issues
  • Exceptional performance when loading or refreshing data in Looker Studio
  • Full suite of tools to clean, blend, and prepare data
  • No programming experience or SQL skills required - connect your database to Looker Studio in minutes.

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Get your datasets ready for Tableau

Seamlessly connect to data from all of your Google Analytics accounts, blend it, clean it, prepare Tableau Data Extracts and publish to Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

  • Blend in data from other sources
  • Create and publish TDE and TWBX files
  • Automatically publish unsampled data to Tableau Server or Tableau Online

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Automate Excel dashboards
...without writing code

Update Google Analytics dashboards and refresh reports as frequently as you want. Automate dashboards without writing macros while eliminating copy and paste errors. Create your own Excel templates and instantly replicate them for multiple websites.

  • Drag and drop report builder eliminates macros and custom coding
  • Refresh Excel dashboards in just 1 click
  • Email reports to stakeholders
  • Use the same dashboard for multiple websites and apps

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Store and access your Google Analytics data

Regardless of your enterprise data architecture, Analytics Canvas can integrate and deliver Google Analytics data where it is needed.  Load Google Analytics data into a data warehouse or stream Google Analytics data into a data lake, blend data from other databases – MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, RedShift, BigQuery and more - and prepare clean report tables for analysts to consume. 

Don't waste budget and time on costly custom development that will break with the next API change, Canvas makes the Google Analytics portion of any Business intelligence project simple.

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What our customers are saying:

The automation add-on is worth checking out, and if you run into difficulty, James and team will help out.June Li, Click Insight

After switching to Analytics Canvas, the time spent on monthly reporting went from weeks to just hours.Jon Atteberry, Tech Target

Powerful tool and excellent customer support. Great for obtaining unsampled data and automating reports.Hadrien Dykiel, PTC

Extract raw data from Google Analytics

UA and GA4

Eliminate manual reporting

Multiple Data Sources

Import and analyze all of your data in one place.

  • Connect to spreadsheets, databases and the GA API
  • Export to Excel dashboards, databases or text files
  • Query, join, combine, filter and more, all without a single line of SQL
Automate and schedule dashboards and reports

Save time every time

Complete your routine reporting tasks in minutes.

  • A visual interface to drag and drop data, perform calculations and export results.
  • One-click report generation
  • Scheduling to extract, transform and load Google Analytics data into databases and files.
Extract raw data from Google Analytics

Privacy and Security

Security is paramount in both Online and On-premise tools. With Canvas Desktop + Server your data is stored and accessed locally, while Online data is stored in the Google Cloud. Analytics Canvas is GDPR compliant.

Eliminate manual reporting

No Coding Required

No need for developers, custom API development or technical debt. We keep you at the leading edge of Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, Data Studio, and more.

Automate and schedule dashboards and reports

Enterprise Integration

Cloud-hosted and On-premise options include the ability to integrate with existing BI systems through command line and API automation.