Export Universal Analytics data to a Dashboard in Looker Studio via BigQuery or Sheets

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We did it!  Our UA backup utility has been a hit among those looking to export their Universal Analytics data. However, the one thing we heard over and over from our agency customers and marketing teams was that they needed a way to visualize the data.

Today, with just 100 days left to export UA data, we're excited to announce that we released an extensive Looker Studio Universal Analytics Backup Report for use with our UA Backup Utility!  

Export Universal Analytics data to a dashboard in Looker Studio

Download our sample report as a PDF for fast load times, or go straight to our interactive Looker Studio Universal Analytics Backup Report and check out the interactivity! 

Save your property data before it's deleted

Google has been very clear about things this time around - all data, even for 360 customers, will be deleted between July 1st and July 7th, 2024. The time to export your Universal Analytics data has come!

100 days left to export universal analytics data

We've created an overview of your options together with detailed instructions on how to create a comprehensive backup.  And now, our interactive Looker Studio dashboard is the final piece of your GA backup, allowing you to interact with your data visually. 

Best-in-class Universal Analytics Export Utility

Our best-in-class UA Backup Utility was designed with a set of standard tables available to all users, together with user-friendly tools for customizing the backup to meet the needs of each website. But that wasn't enough, over and over we were asked to add a visual component to the backup, allowing future users to quickly and easily drill into the data.  


The enhanced Analytics Canvas UA Backup Utility now generates a series of daily and monthly summary tables and connects our extensive Looker Studio report to historic GA data in Google Sheets or Google BigQuery using the Looker Studio Linking API.  

The result is an export of your Universal Analytics data connected to a customizable, 20 page summary report covering the most popular data categories.  

The 20 page report contains a series of sections that have pre-built interactive charts and tables that are ready for analysis and customization!

interactive looker studio report from export of universal analytics data

Exporting Universal Analytics Data to BigQuery or Sheets

There's no better place to store your Google Analytics data than Google BigQuery. Store your UA data in the same project (but a new dataset) right alongside your GA4 BigQuery export for ease of access and blending of your UA and GA4 data together. Storage of your Universal Analytics backup BigQuery is CHEAP and your UA backup will not even register on your monthly bill.  

Not into BigQuery yet?  No problem - the Analytics Canvas UA backup utility uses the Looker Studio Linking API to generate the interactive dashboard using BigQuery or Sheets.  The only downside is that Sheets are limited to 10M cells per workbook.  We create as many workbooks as are needed, but if the table is too big to fit, we export the table to a CSV file that you can manually connect to Looker. 

See what the export of your Universal Analytics data looks like in each data destination over at this article on our Knowledge Base. 

Generating the Looker Studio Report for your Universal Analytics Backup

Using the Analytics Canvas UA backup Utility, you can simply select a view, define the time period, get your estimate, and proceed to check-out.  It really is that simple! 


For those who want more detailed data, choose data categories from our Table Library to generate a series of summary tables. You can modify those tables with your own customizations, or build tables from scratch to include in your backup.

export universal analytics data using a custom query builder

Yours to keep!

The extensive and highly customizable report is yours to keep.  There's no subscription fee or requirement to become an Analytics Canvas subscriber.  You can save the report in your Drive, or deliver it to a client for them to save in their Google account.  As long as they have access to the data, the report will populate. 

Our agency friends are free to white label the report, customize it with additional charts and tables, or trim it back to something more readily digestible by their clients.  

All users can swap out any of the data sources included in the report with more detailed, supplementary tables they created within the backup utility. 


Export your Universal Analytics data before it's gone!

The UA backup utility is running at full steam, backing up billions of rows of UA data before it's gone for good. Sign-up for your Free trial today to generate your FREE estimate and your FREE preview report so you can be confident in what you're buying.  

With affordable pricing starting from just $99 for summary tables and $198 for an interactive report, there's no reason to delay!  

Next Steps

Export your UA data before it's gone for good.  

  1. Create your Analytics Canvas account and define your backup for your website(s)
  2. Review the estimates and fine-tune the backup to your budget and your needs.
  3. Run the backup before it's too late! 

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