The leading integration tool for Google Analytics and Tableau

Light-weight, self-serve ETL software for turning raw data into high-quality Tableau Data Extracts

Power tools for power users of Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360

Canvas picks up where the native Tableau connector leaves off, allowing you to eliminate sampling, combine data from multiple Google Analytics accounts, download unsampled reports, extract data from BigQuery without complex SQL, and define funnel steps on the fly.

Canvas keeps your Google Analytics extracts up to date so your reports are always ready for consumption.

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From raw data to ready data

When business logic and data transformations are hidden inside a workbook they are difficult to replicate and difficult to audit, leading to data discrepancies and "multiple versions of the truth".

Canvas provides a visual data layer, allowing the analyst to add business rules, perform data cleansing and aggregation tasks, and build a visual data pipeline that is easy to audit, update, and automate.

  • update and publish multiple dashboards
  • Prepare data for Tableau
  • Combine and publish to tableau

Create and publish custom data sets

Different business users have different needs from the same underlying dataset. Canvas lets you clean and prepare data globally, then filter accordingly before publishing the right dataset to the right project.

Prepare and Publish Data Sources to Tableau Server and Tableau Online

Enable more users to access clean data sets prepared with Analytics Canvas.
See how Analytics Canvas enables you to quickly prepare data, create TDE data sources and publish to Tableau Server and Tableau Online.