SQL Builder for the GA4 BigQuery Export

Create segments using a visual query builder, just like the UA web interface!


Create and Share Segments in GA4

The BigQuery export for GA4 is the most robust source for GA4 reporting and analysis. However, the custom segments you create in the web interface are NOT available in the API or in the BigQuery Export!

Learning the SQL required to recreate these segments and extract meaningful insights is no easy task and having to write SQL each time you want to dial in a query for analysis can really slow your flow.

For GA4, do you wish you could have UA like segments that can be used across properties and shared with other users, without having to have a PHD in BigQuery SQL?

We’re building a graphical query builder that will automatically generate and run BigQuery SQL on your GA4 event tables!  

Analytics Canvas will optimize BigQuery bytes processed to save on unnecessary query costs resulting from full table scans against the raw tables.  

Better still, Canvas lets you define the query and build segments in a familiar UI.  Simply select dimensions, metrics, custom segments, and meta data fields. Canvas then generates the required SQL, runs the query, and returns an optimized Smart Table with your results. You can then preview the data, profile it, process it with data blocks, and publish report tables to your BigQuery project, to Data Studio, Tableau, or your data warehouse. 

If you would like to learn more, and to participate in the private beta, sign up here.  And please tell us what features you dream of for GA4 queries by emailing us at support@analyticscanvas.com, we’d love to hear from you.

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