Super-charge your Analytics 360 Investment

Access the Unsampled Reports API, custom dimensions and metrics, and Google BigQuery for Analytics 360

Automate loads and extracts to and from BigQuery

Access hit level data stored in your Big Data account and perform complex queries in seconds. You can automate loads and extracts to and from Google BigQuery, seamlessly write query results to databases and files, and combine results with sales, advertising and CRM data for in-depth analysis.

BigQuery automatic SQL generation

Why build queries when Canvas saves you hours of time and eliminating errors? Select dimensions and metrics using a visual interface without writing complex SQL.

Managed unsampled reports

In a few clicks, manage unsampled reports and refresh your dashboards. Use a drop and drag builder to request unsampled reports, combine them together, and process your data before exporting to databases and dashboards.

Access to custom dimensions and metrics

Get all of your custom dimensions and metrics available in your 360 account from both the Core Reporting and Unsampled Reports APIs.

Export Google Analytics and BigQuery data to Data Studio

Extract from a number of data sources, including BigQuery, SQL Server, Oracle, spreadsheets and files, and get your data into Data Studio.