Get better, faster insight from Google Analytics 4

Migrate from Universal Analytics and automate your GA4 data workflows

Trusted by Standard and Premium / 360 customers for routine and advanced processing of Google Analytics data.

  • Google Analytics APIs

    Access to GA4 Data API, GA4 BigQuery Export, Google Analytics Core Reporting V3, Analytics Reporting API V4, Unsampled Reports, Multi-Channel Funnel, Data Upload, and Google BigQuery APIs

  • Unsampled Data

    Get unsampled data from most Standard and all Premium / 360 accounts

  • Multiple Accounts

    Pull data from dozens, hundreds, even thousands of Google Analytics accounts

  • Schedule Exports to Databases

    Push Google Analytics data into MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, BigQuery and more on a nightly basis

  • Export Google Analytics data to Excel

    Completely automate Excel dashboards and reports without writing macros

  • Merge Google Analytics with internal data sources

    Connect your GA data to internal data sources, including reference files, sales, CRM data, and more

Reduce and eliminate sampling in Google Analytics

Reduce and eliminate sampling in Google Analytics

Whether using Google Analytics or Analytics 360, sampling can impede your analysis.  Analytics Canvas makes it possible to get accurate, unsampled data from both Standard and 360 accounts.  

With the ability to use the right API for the right query, Canvas lets you stop worrying about sampling and analyze with confidence.

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Access multiple Google Analytics accounts

Access multiple Google Analytics accounts

Select as many properties (websites, mobile apps, or devices) and views as you'd like, define a query, and have all your data in one place. Include meta-data such as account numbers, view IDs, time-zone and segment ID, into the data set for better data governance and data quality assurance.

Whether you have a few, a few dozen, or a few thousand sites, you can depend on Canvas to get your data ready for analysis.

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Google Analytics data to databases

Export Google Analytics data to databases

Easily connect data by bringing other sources of data into a canvas: Postgres database from a Web app, a SQL database from an eCommerce site, an Excel file with CRM and sales data, or a CSV file with data from social networks.

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Export Google Analytics data to Tableau

Export Google Analytics data to Tableau

Unsampled data, data from multiple accounts and data that has been cleansed and prepared can be moved into Tableau data extracts, and published to Tableau Server or Online on your schedule.

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Connect Google Analytics data to Excel dashboards

Connect Google Analytics data to Excel dashboards

Create a workflow for your reports by defining the steps in a visual environment. Define steps for importing data, performing calculations and transformations, and exporting data into the right place in your Excel template.

Run your report and Canvas will fetch the raw data, create a new version of your dashboard, and even email it to stakeholders.

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Create custom funnels with Google Analytics data

Create custom funnels

Analyzing funnels has never been easier. For eCommerce and lead generation sites, funnel optimization lets you analyze funnels daily and track performance over time. It’s custom funnel functionality without having to buy Google Analytics 360.

Insight from multi-channel funnels in Google Analytics

Insight from multi-channel funnels

Get insight from Website visitors to understand their behaviour to attribute conversions. Connect to the multi-channel funnel reporting API to create custom queries to see how customers are arriving at your Website.

No coding required - Access Google Analytics API

No coding required

We are Google Trusted Testers and keeping up with Google Analytics is our business. Why waste another minute hard-coding to the API when you can have the full flexibility to make changes and keep up to date for as little as $49/mo?