How to quickly prepare your data for Tableau

Olga TsubiksTableau

Do you need to prepare your data for Tableau? Sometimes getting there can be a tedious task. Extracting data from a variety of data sources, combining data from flat files, relational databases, CSV files and other data sources, cleansing, converting and aggregating, merging and splitting data just to get ready to load data into Tableau to search for insights.

Does this sound familiar? If you are like most data analysts, it probably feels like a lot of your time is spent preparing data.

With the visual interface of Analytics Canvas it is easy prepare your data, and once you have defined what needs to be done, next time its a single click.

Our latest whitepaper shows how to solve some of the issues with the raw data that analysts frequently encounter in their work, including blending, transposing, pivoting, and removing missing values.

Get our “How to prepare your data for Tableau” whitepaper to see how Analytics Canvas can help you to spend less time preparing the data for analysis (no registration required).

Prepare your data for Tableau

Don’t let data preparation slow you down. Clean your data quickly and efficiently with Analytics Canvas.
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Analytics Canvas comes with pre-built examples and corresponding Tableau dashboards that show data preparation process in action.