New Google Analytics Dimensions and Metrics- Analytics Canvas V1.6.3 has them

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool, Google Analytics API

Today Google announced 40 new dimensions and metrics that are now available in the Google Analytics API, and we’re pleased to release Analytics Canvas V1.6.3 that provides access to all of them. Our clients expect us to keep up with the API in all respects, and we’re proud to be able to same day release new features thanks to being part of Googles trusted tester program.

So whats in the list? Lots of goodies:

Custom Dimensions and Metrics- GA Datawarehouse anyone?

ralph-kimball-on-phoneHooray! We love custom dimensions and metrics, and we love them now being available in the API. (Our apologies for the bad data warehousing cartoon, but business intelligence types that drive the data warehouse bus might get a laugh.)

Custom dimensions and metrics are a key capability of the new universal analytics, and being able to query them all in Analytics Canvas makes all sorts of Google Analytics data warehousing possible. Combine this with our automation and a fully automated, incremental refresh is possible- with users viewing reports from Google Analytics, or from the data warehouse ensured to see the same dimensions and values thanks the the API synchronizing them. Sweet.

Really understanding mobile traffic to your site

samsung-GalaxySIIISome great new dimensions are now available to understand users on tablets or phones.

  • deviceCategory – (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile)
  • isTablet – Yes or no
  • mobileDeviceMarketingName- This is a handing marketing name- so instead of “9292” from the mobileDeviceModel dimension, you can get “EVO 4G” from the marketing name

Mobile Dimensions and Metrics

All sorts of dimensions and metrics including many from the mobile app analytics reports for you mobile trackers out there.

Local Currency Metrics

Doing ecommerce in lots of currencies? This is bound to make you happy, you can now get the values in the local currency, providing you’ve configured your ecommerce appropriately.

Time Dimensions

Time is a dimension that gets used again and again, Google has added some handy options that make various queries possible directly from the API- in particular, check out isoWeek- for anyone who hasn’t had to mess with weeks like this, you won’t believe how complex it is!

And others!

More details are available in the Google Analytics blog post and for a complete list of all the dimension you can checkout the changelog here.