Introducing Analytics Canvas

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool

Whew. Don’t mind the mess, the place is still a bit under construction.

Analytics Canvas is a brand new way to get at your Googles Analytics data.

It uses the Google GData API for analytics, and it lets you pull data from multiple accounts and multiple profiles.

But even more importantly, it brings you new tools to transform your data- letting you dream up new segmentations, focus in on particular data sets, compare data across profiles, web properties and accounts.

It also lets you pull in data from other sources- excel, text files, and even databases, mix this new data with your data from Google Analytics, and then export it out to where you need it.

Analytics Canvas is powered by nModal’s visual data transformation framework, that lets you use blocks and connectors to draw data transformations, and access all the data, at all the steps, with powerful data profiling and export tools.

We think that Analytics Canvas is going to save huge amounts of time and frustration compared to trying to mess around with your analytics data in spreadsheets. But we want you to try it yourself- Sign up for the Beta– be the first on your block to discover how much better it can be.