BigQuery SQL Generation demo at GA Summit

James StandenAnalytics, Google Analytics Premium, Google BigQuery

A few weeks ago, hundreds of die hard Google Analytics types converged on San Francisco from all over the world for the Google Analytics Summit. The attendees included Google Analytics Certified Partners, Google Analytics Premium customers, and a small group of Technology partners (including Analytics Canvas). We were invited by Google to present our latest developments to the attendees, and we had a great time demonstrating Analytics Canvas, including the latest capabilities in the BigQuery SQL generation and unsampled reporting areas.

Demonstrating BigQuery Automatic SQL Generation


Talking to Google Premium customers, both those that are already using BigQuery or thinking about it, we heard again and again how the SQL skills required were a serious hurdle to taking advantage of the amazing data Google has provided. We demonstrated a new Analytics Canvas feature, a graphical no SQL skills required BigQuery Interface.

We were thrilled at how excited people were when they saw a single click generating awesome SQL.

We think analysts should be able to do queries directly without having to become SQL programmers and take advantage of all that juicy unsampled hit level data.

If you’d like to try the BigQuery SQL generation, or see a demo contact us, and you can learn more here.

Special thanks to Google for putting on yet another great summit, and for inviting Analytics Canvas to attend- we had a great time, and met lots of great data people!