BigQuery SQL Generation

We’re very excited about the upcoming functionality for a new edition of Analytics Canvas especially for GA premium- some amazing capabilities to make using BigQuery with Google Analytics Premium even easier- and make it possible for analysts without any SQL knowledge to directly query all that great hit level data.

How? We have created a user interface that lets you pick the dimensions and metrics, and generates the SQL required- it also adds all sorts of additional columns (like time columns, for example) and does all the needed calculations and conversions for you.

This also means that dimensions such as “landingPagePath” are available for queries- which take a considerable amount of SQL to create.

On top of this, we’ll also have advanced funnel analysis- again, a simple graphical user interface lets users define funnel steps, then all the SQL needed to get the results is generated directly and run.

Stay tuned for even more news on BigQuery- and you can sign up for the private beta here.