Working with multiple Google Analytics accounts, properties and views in Analytics Canvas

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Working with multiple Google Analytics accounts, properties and views in Analytics Canvas

If you have multiple Google Analytics accounts, profiles and views under your Google account, you may find your way deep into an analysis on one set of profiles and decide that you want to replicate the analysis for other accounts and profiles.  Other times you simply want to change your analysis from weekly to monthly, or change certain dimensions and metrics on multiple query blocks on your canvas.

So how do you do this? There are a few different approaches and we’ll look at them in this post.


Change the date range for all queries on your canvas

Starting with the most simple – lets say you just want to change the date range for some or all of the queries on your canvas.  In this case, it is best to configure each query block, or those that you want to be able to change in bulk, so that they link to the master time period.



This way, when you want to change the date range, simply go to the master time period selection box on the canvas and change your date range.




Edit the query for a given set of query blocks

Lets say you have queries from different profiles / views and all of your queries include visitors, but now you also want to include visits.  Instead of going back to each block individually, if you want to change certain query blocks so that they all have the same query definition, right click, and choose “Edit Query for all”.  Note that all of the selected queries will have the same dimensions, metrics, segments etc. applied to them. 



Change source profiles for a group of queries

To change the source profile for a given set of queries, right click the profile in the data source navigation menu, and choose “change source for all queries”.  This is super useful if you want to apply the same analysis to a different Google Analytics view.  Don’t forget to use the same technique on your output blocks or you will over-write your existing file or database table!



Add to your Query Library

If you have defined a query and would like to re-use it often, you can add it to your personal query library and reference it from any canvas.

In the Edit Query window, under Query Definition, there is a button called “Query Library”.   When selected, it shows all the queries in your current canvas as well as those in your library.  Simply choose one to add to your library, or select “import” to bring one of your existing queries onto your current canvas.



Wrapping Up

As software developers we’re trained to DRY out our code and we are applying that same “Don’t Repeat Yourself” philosophy to Analytics Canvas.  Since many of users have multiple Google Analytics accounts, profiles and views that they are working with, we have implemented multiple ways to re-use blocks, sets of blocks and entire canvases to save time and ensure consistent results.

What are your time-saving techniques?  Leave them in the comments below or send them to support @  We’d love to feature them in our newsletter and here on our blog.





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