Introducing Analytics Canvas Premium- get full API access to premium features including the upcoming Big Query

James StandenData warehousing, Google Analytics Premium, Google BigQuery

Enterprises that have serious analytics needs can invest in Google Analytics Premium for a true enterprise solution. Now, to ensure that they can take advantage of a wide range of new features Google has provided for GA Premium, Analytics Canvas announces Analytics Canvas Premium.

This special edition of Analytics Canvas is specially created to deal with the serious data needs of GA Premium clients, and we work hard to keep it at the absolute cutting edge of the Google Analytics Premium capabilities.

Premium power and flexibility

  • All 50 custom variables for extended analysis
  • All 200 custom dimensions and metrics
  • Coming soon- Big Query integration
  • …and more (that we can’t talk about just yet)

Big Query and Google Analytics the game has changed

Last year at Google I/O Google announced that for Google Premium customers, hit level data from Google Analytics would become available in their Big Query platform. Direct access to hit level data from Google Analytics opens up literally a whole new world of analytics.

What are we saying? Is this mere enthusiasm? No. Every single visit is available, with every single hit in order, time stamped exactly. You will be able to see every pageview, every event, every ecommerece transaction in order for the visit. Coupled with the power of Googles BigQuery platform, and Analytics Canvas, we’re very excited about whats becoming possible.

Why select Analytics Canvas rather than “Do it yourself”

As a Google Analytics Trusted tester, the makers of Analytics Canvas have early access to GA Premium API features and capabilities – in many cases, we have the interface already integrated into our framework, and select Analytics Canvas customers have already been benefiting from the capabilities months before the public Google release.

We know the Google Analytics APIs inside and out, and we’re working with a wide range of enterprise customers using all aspects of Googles capabilities. Our customers make millions of API calls via our framework, secure in knowing we’re keeping up with Google as they evolve their powerful platforms and that the work of their analysts will continue to work even as the technical underpinning evolves.

Rather than having to implement expensive custom interfaces, or have an internal technical team to keep up to date with the ever evolving Google APIs, enterprises leverage the Analytics Canvas platform, and focus on analysis, not software development.