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If you are a Google Analytics Premium user and hate all the clicking and downloading involved with unsampled reporting, you’ll be happy to hear that Analytics Canvas fully supports the complete automation of unsampled reports thanks to functionality newly released by Google.

As a Google Analytics technology partner and part of the trusted testers program, we’ve been working with a number of our clients to integrate this functionality deep into Analytics Canvas, and Analytics Canvas customers like Publishers Clearing House, eBay Classifieds and Desjardins Group have been using this functionality to move their use of the unsampled reporting capability to the next level.

Automation that saves time and simplifies

Analytics Canvas lets you avoid the many manual steps of requesting, downloading and then integrating data into your reports that often have to be repeated again and again.

If you have already requested the reports in the web user interface, you can download them all at once and have them consolidated into a single Excel workbook with a few clicks. No more mindless cut and paste, no more text files. This functionality is available as part of our full feature free trial.

Handle Dozens of reports at once


If you define the queries you want in Analytics Canvas, and where you want the data to go, you can automate the entire process. You can request dozens of reports at once, and automatically integrate the data into one or more Excel file(s), or load it directly into a database.

More dimensions, a visual query tool


Analysts love the flexible user interface and the ability to query more dimensions, and get completely unsampled data.

They also love that once it is set up, they can have the whole process automated- have everything put in a single Excel file in a shared drive for example. Rather than spending the first hour of your day getting the data compiled, just get right to work!

Server automation for Enterprises

With server level automation available, Analytics Canvas is a solution that lets your IT group integrate unsampled data directly into existing reporting systems too. They can have their existing scheduled jobs request, then download and load unsampled data by simply calling Analytics Canvas as needed. Compared to having to develop complex API code, and maintain it as Google makes changes, letting Analytics Canvas do the heavy lifting saves time and lets them deliver quickly at a fraction of the cost.

Unsampled reporting automation will save both analysts and technical resources time, and lets companies increase the frequency of analysis while actually reducing the time taken to get the data.

More information about using the Unsampled Reports API with Analytics Canvas can be found here our website.  Contact us for a consultation to determine if Analytics Canvas is the right tool for your reporting and analysis needs. 



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