Google Analytics and Google BigQuery- Oh My!

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool, Google Analytics Premium, Google BigQuery

Googles announcement at Google IO that session and hit data was going to be available in Google BigQuery marks a significant milestone in Google Analytics relentless drive into the Enterprise analytics market. UPDATE: Check out how Analytics Canvas is the tool for BigQuery GA Premium integration with SQL Generation.

Google mentions a number of scenarios that become possible with this upcoming integration in the announcement post.

While all of these are exciting, one touches on an area where I see this new capability opening the flood gates- integrating with Data warehouses.

While of course it is possible to integrate huge amounts of Google Analytics data with data warehouses thanks to the existing API, and many of our customers are doing this already with sophisticated, automated integration into their enterprise systems using Analytics Canvas, the direct access to the most granular data in a platform like Google BigQuery is a game changer in terms of scale.

A new level of clarity through integration of data at the most granular level

What this integration between Google Analytics and BigQuery means is that now Google Analytics data can be tied to other enterprise data at a more granular level- and over a scope and scale that is necessary for the largest Google Analytics Premium customers.

This integration also makes Universal Analytics even more powerful and useful- tracking everything at a very granular level everywhere, with the customer at the center of it all will allow businesses to have a new clarity across their entire operation. The multiple digital and real world touch points they have with their customers and prospects will be visible and data scientists will have a field day.

Learn how Analytics Canvas gives you full access to your BigQuery data.