Analytics Canvas V1.7.6 Available

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool, Under the Hood

We are pleased to announce that Analytics Canvas V1.7.6 is now available. This release has a number of new features which greatly expand what is possible with Analytics Canvas.

Referral Spam Detection

We now have a powerful new ability to detect referral spam- and if you can detect it you can eliminate it from your reports. With a dynamic filter that is constantly updated to include known spam referrers , it is now easier than ever to detect and kill referral spam that has made it past your GA filters and is clouding your data.

All you have to do in Analytics Canvas is filter on IsReferralSpam([fullReferrer]) – this new function returns TRUE if the referrer matches the latest spam detection test. The filter definition is updated automatically behind the scenes every time you launch Analytics Canvas. Learn more about the new function by watching this tutorial.



If you are wondering if you have a referral spam problem- check out a new free report that we have created using the Analytics Canvas cloud platform.

This lets you understand at a glance if you have problems, and where they are. We also have some powerful new templates that let you create dashboards directly in Analytics Canvas that give you the whole story regarding referral spam and your Google Analytics data.

This report is also available as a template in the Analytics Canvas tool- so you can get unlimited access for free during the trial period and when you are in the tool itself, you can go even further- applying all the power of Analytics Canvas.

To learn more about the online report and template, check out the blog post.

Tableau TDE Append capability

Analytics Canvas V1.7.6 combines data sets for tableauNow if you have a really, really massive TDE that you are generating, Analytics Canvas supports the ability to append new data to an existing TDE.

Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our Tableau connectivity including Tableau server automation- we are very excited to be building some cool stuff to the new V9 Rest API.

If you want to get in on the beta action sign up here.

Facebook Graph API (Beta)

We are thrilled to announce that our Facebook API connector beta is now available in the general release- we think you are going to love what you can do with this connector. You can access any Facebook page and understand the posts, comments, shares and likes. By querying multiple pages at once, you can easily create competitive analysis- how is your facebook page matching up to your competitors? How are your posts performing?


Adwords reporting API (Beta)

If you need to go deeper into your Adwords data than the subset that is linked into GA, or if your client doesn’t have their GA linked(!) Now you can directly connect to the Adwords reporting API. With a wide range of reports, and the speed of Analytics Canvas, you can pull down large data sets from multiple accounts easily. Add to this the powerful automation of Analytics Canvas server and it opens up a whole new world for Adwords reporting automation. Hundreds of accounts, millions of rows, all of it pumped into Tableau for visualization- this integration will be a game changer.


We will be posting more detail on all these features and more in the coming days and weeks.

So download your free trial now and discover everything V1.7.6 has to offer!