Analytics Canvas V1.6.7 with Google Spreadsheet and PostgreSQL connectivity

James StandenAnalytics

Google Docs is a powerful solution and provides an amazing colaborative environment. We are thrilled to announce that Analytics Canvas now connects to Google Docs, allowing users to import data directly from Google Spreadsheets. Check out the video of it in action.

PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database and a key part of the Ruby on Rails stack, and now also joining the list of databases that Analytics Canvas can connect to directly using a native connector.

Google Spreadsheet-a huge opportunity for collaboration and data collection

If you have data in Google Spreadhseets that you want to combine with your Google Analytics and other data, Analytics Canvas makes it easy. You can pull data from any Google Spreadsheet you have access too, combine it with data from databases, files and of course Google Analytics, and then export it to where it is needed.

    • Control who has access to modify reference data sets
    • Use Google Forms to collect data from multiple team members
    • Pull data from multiple spreadsheets and ranges and consolidate
    • Create automated data extractions from Google Spreadsheets to databases
    • Automatically insert Google Spreadsheet data into Excel workbooks

PostgreSQL Connector

Hey! Rails developers, check this out- now you can use Analytics canvas to prepare data from multiple sources and then either mix it with data from your PostgreSQL database, or insert it into the DB where it can be used by your ultra cool web app. With the ability to connect to Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Excel, Google Spreadsheets and more, Analytics Canvas provides a powerful data mover to help you get the data where your app needs it.