Analytics Canvas V1.6.4 released with Automation Wizard

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Are you spending huge amounts of time just getting the data ready, rather than actually doing analysis? You can eliminate mindless work by automating your data extraction using Analytics Canvas Automation Wizard.

Imagine coming in on Monday morning and being able to get right into analysis- rather than first having to spend hours or days exporting, cleaning and combining data from the various data sources necessary.

Manage even the largest traffic volumes with automation

  • Daily or weekly incremental loads
  • Database integration
  • Google Analytics Sampling avoidance
  • Email alerting and events

Analytics Canvas creates an easy to manage, automated and secure link between enterprise data and Google Analytics.
Our customers automatically load millions of rows of Google analytics data from hundreds of profiles into their business intelligence and reporting systems using this capability.
analytics canvas databases google analytics and automation wizard

New in V1.6.4 Easy to use Automation Wizard

Now Analytics Canvas has an easy to use, graphical wizard that lets users quickly generate tasks and then schedule them, making automation possible without programming. You simply select which canvases you want to run, in which order, and the wizard generates a file ready to run.
google analytics automation to databases analytics canvas automation wizard

Email alerts and updates

Automation can now also be configured to send emails to users or systems, providing confirmation of successful canvas runs and/or alerting of issues.

How do I use automation with my canvases?

With the automation server subscription, canvases can be automated providing full on-premise automation of Google Analytics data. This server license subscription can be used with any of the Analytics Canvas desktop plans. While you can use a server, this works just as well for creating automated tasks on any windows PC.

Google Analytics Data warehouse

With Analytics Canvas, it is now possible to quickly and economically create a true Google Analytics data warehouse, storing data from both GA and enterprise systems quickly and safely in an on-premise solution. In future posts we’ll be exploring how simple it is to get started, and the kinds of insights that become possible. To tap our expertise, and explore how we can deliver a full solution faster, and more cost effectively than you might expect, contact us.

Take advantage of the free trial and Automate now

The Analytics Canvas free trial is fully automation capable, providing all the functionality you need to discover how quickly you can automate sophisticated Google Analytics queries directly into your databases and files. Sign up now and give it a try!

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