Analytics Canvas presented at the Google Analytics Partners Summit

James StandenAnalytics Canvas Tool

Last week, Google held its annual Google Analytics Partners Summit at the computer history museum in Mountain View California.

This year, Google invited ten of its most accomplished third party application developers to present their solutions to the Partners and demonstrate their applications.

Analytics Canvas was proud to have been selected to attend, and we had a great time speaking with the partners, and members of the Google team. This event really underlined the depth and breadth of Googles commitment to Google Analytics, and how effective their partner program has been in creating a network of experts to support the tool. The event attracted around 500 Google Analytics experts from all over the world, from about 200 certified Google Analytics Partners.

It was a fantastic venue as well, and it was just way too fun to be presenting around the corner from a cray super computer, and a full scale model of Babbages difference engine, just to name a few of the items in the computer history museum’s collection.

As Google continues to evolve Google Analytics, Analytics Canvas will be releasing new solutions and services to maintain our place as one of the lead developers and service providers for the API. Thanks to our friends at Google for the recognition, and the chance to present to the Partners, and we look forward to the exciting times ahead!