Analytics Canvas Google Sheets add-on released

James StandenGoogle Spreadsheets add-on

We’re very excited today to release Analytics Canvas for Sheets, a Google Sheets Add-on. You can get Analytics Canvas for sheets here.

If you love Sheets, and you love Google Analytics, we think you’re going to love our Add-on, a way to very quickly define a dashboard template, and share it, switching effortlessly between different GA views and mixing and matching with your Google Sheets data.

While users of Analytics Canvas are used to dealing with millions of rows (or even billions now with Big Query on the way), we realize that there are also times when having easy access directly into spreadsheets and collaborating with others might not need all that Enterprise scale power.

We’re pleased to provide a powerful but free add-on for Google Sheets- a platform that we know many digital marketers love.

A powerful, graphical query editor

We’ve built a powerful graphical interface that lets you define your query, using the Core reporting API. Multiple queries can be created, linking to one or more GA views.

On top of this its also possible to modify queries via the spreadsheet itself- which means advanced users can be creating filters based on spreadsheet formulas- we’re looking forward to what people come up with.

Change from one Website to another in a moment

analytics-canvas-add-on-buttonsOne of the features we think people will love is the fact that once a dashboard is built they can point it at any Google Analytics View they want in one step. This lets you create a series of templates, and re-use, re-use, re-use.

Share your dashboards

share-as-template-analyticscanvas-addonBecause the add on is available to everyone who uses Google Spreadsheets, and sheets has such great collaboration features, we’re looking forward to seeing how people share their dashboards. We’ll be announcing some more in the department soon.

To learn more about the plug in, check out our tutorials and FAQ.