Analytics Canvas at eMetrics Toronto

James StandeneMetrics

The Analytics Canvas team had a great time at eMetrics in Toronto last week, and met up with lots of interesting Analytics folks- some that we had met before, others online friends we got to meet for the first time in person, and many more we had the pleasure meeting for the first time. It was fantastic to be in such a group of data focused people- always fun to take a few days to exchange, share ideas, and meet new people.

Lively debate, great discussions

There were a wide range of industries and points of view represented, which led to some great conversations, particularly in the panel discussions. Just as one example of the many great sessions, In one of the panel discussions I attended, chaired by Mike Sukmanowsky (@msukmanowsky) at the globe and mail, the question “should all end users have access to the raw data” was asked- while the members of the panel didn’t agree, both sides had clear, thoughtful points to illustrate the complexity of the question. On one hand, not granting full access meant potentially creating an information bottleneck, and seems to go against the creation of an analysis based culture- on the other, raw data distorted by multiple spreadsheets can create chaos, and undermine confidence in analytics as a whole. I’d have to say that while I like to let people have access to explore, I agree with controlling the “official” numbers and avoiding “spreadsheet wars” that can happen if everyone builds their own numbers left, right and center.

Analytics Canvas end to end solutions announced

We were particularly excited to present to the eMetrics attendees that we are now able to offer a full service, zero hardware reporting and dashboard solution.

Based on our powerful data extraction and transformation engine, we can now provide a complete customized solution from data extraction, through transformation and delivery. I have over a decade of experience building data focused solutions, including a number of data warehouses- and I’m very excited about the advantages that a distributed, elastic computing based model gives us compared to in house, or classical hosted solutions.

  • Instead of paying upfront for hardware sized for years of data, only pay for what you use as you use it
  • Get it up and running quickly- no coordination with internal IT or waiting for hardware to arrive/get installed
  • Reduce both the upfront and the ongoing maintenance costs to make the return on investment clear and immediate

We’ll be putting more information up about our solution very soon, and look forward to showing off what it can do.

Thanks to the nModal team

I’ll close by thanking very much my teamates, Graeme and Alexandra, for all their hard work, both in the weeks leading up to the eMetrics show, as well as at the show itself. Its amazing how many details have to get sorted out, brochures to be made, signs to print- but it all came together smoothly, and the reaction of the attendees who visited the booth made it all worthwhile.

Give Analytics Canvas a try– you’ll see what everyone is talking about.

And if you are interested in having us do the heavy lifting, and create the entire dashboard delivery system for you, we think you’ll be amazed at how affordable it can be. Contact us at and we’d be happy to put together a proposal.