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Creating A Cloud User Account

To use Analytics Canvas Cloud Hosted Services, including Cloud Automation and Data Studio hosted datasets, you will need an Analytics Canvas Cloud User Account

To create a cloud user account you must either be the very first user in your subscription to register, or you must be invited by an existing user to join their subscription. 

First Administrator Creation or Joining a Subscription

If there have not yet been any cloud users created for a subscription OR if you have received an invitation to join a subscription;

  1. Click on the "Log in" button in the top right corner of Analytics Canvas. You will be prompted to create a new user account. If you see the login screen instead, click "Create a New Account".

  2. Enter in your email address and create a strong password for your account. 

  3. Read and accept the End User License Agreement.

  4. An activation code will be immediately emailed to the address provided.  Enter that code when prompted in Analytics Canvas desktop.

This first user account will be the administrator by default. The administrator can invite other users and grant them Administrator level access, or Analyst level access.  

Administrators can: 

  • Add and remove users from the account
  • See and manage all Cloud Automation jobs and all Data Studio datasets 
  • Access all Canvases and datasets created in Analytics Canvas Online 

Analysts can: 

  • See and manage their own automation jobs
  • See and manage their own Data Studio datasets 

Administrators can change a user's access level at anytime. 

Adding Additional Users

Once the first account is created, Administrators can invite additional users.  See this article for Managing Users and Licenses.

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