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How to send files by Email – tutorial transcript

To send files by Email:
Step 1. Open or create a canvas that generates one or more files. Note: File types supported are Text, Excel Workbooks, Tableau TDE files and Tableau TWBX files.
Step 2. Select the Delivery tab, click “New Delivery” and select “Email”.

send files by Email

Step 3. Create an Email template:

  • Click the “Send from:” button and connect to your Email account.
  • Type Email address of the recipient(s), Email subject and text.
  • To add output file(s) click the “Edit Attachments” button, select output file(s) to attach, and click “OK”.
  • Name your Email template and click “OK”.

send files by Email

A new delivery output will be added under the Delivery tab. Each time you press the “Run with outputs” button, Analytics Canvas will request your approval to send Emails. You can also send Emails by clicking the “Send emails” button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Emails can only be sent after all output files have been created.

The email feature gives you an added level of comfort while working with report automation.


  • Email delivery
  • Delivery tab

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