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How To Export To Google Sheets

1. From the “Export Data” section, drag and drop the “Sheets” block to the Canvas. You will notice that this block, just like all the others from the same section, has only an input node to flow data into the block.



2. In our example, the data that matches the Filter is being sent to Sheets, so the first output node on the Filter block is linked to the input node on the Sheets export block. 



3. Select the Sheets block by clicking in the center, then click the “Select Destination Google Sheet” button.



4. Select the Workbook and the Worksheet where you want to write the data into. Note that you can choose from any of your authorized Google accounts by clicking on drop down arrow next to the account name.



Select the Workbook by clicking the pencil icon.  You can click on the folder icon to open Google Drive and browse through the folders to find the Sheet you want to export to.



You can sort the list by last opened by you, last modified, last modified by you and alphabetically by title.



5. After selecting the file, select the Worksheet, then the range where your data will land.

If the sheet doesn't exist, create it in Sheets then click 'Refresh' before selecting it.  For the range, you can simply add a single cell reference, eg: A1, and the export will start at that cell and fill across to the right and down.

Select the box that says “Contains Column Names” if you want your export to include the column names. 



6. When ready, click the centre of the Sheets output block, then click “Write data to Google Sheet” to write to the specified Sheet.  Alternatively, click the run button on the Canvas at the top of the page to process all outputs.


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