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Tutorial transcript

Welcome to How to export data into an Excel workbook tutorial. This tutorial aims to give you an overview of the Excel File Export Block and to touch on some high level concepts such as how to set up the Excel File Export block and how to export data into a new Excel workbook.

To generate an Excel file:

Step 1. Drag and drop the Excel Workbook Export Block from the Block Library, or right-click on the Main Canvas and select “Add Export Block” and then “Excel Workbook Export”.

Step 2. Connect the Excel Workbook Export Block to a block that contains the data that you would like to export.

Step 3. Click on the Excel Workbook Export Block to access its settings.

export data into an Excel

Step 4. Press on the “New Workbook” button. Select the “Start with an empty Excel workbook” option and provide the destination folder and name of the file that will be generated. You can also select the Excel version, specify the backup options, include date and time in the file name, or add a custom time stamp here. Click “OK” to confirm.

Step 5. By default, Analytics Canvas will write the data to Sheet 1, starting with cell A1. You can change this by pressing the “Pick” button and selecting where you would like to place the data.

Step 6. Press the “Run with Outputs” button to write data to the Excel file.

Analytics Canvas will generate the Excel workbook.


  • Excel Workbook Export Block
  • Excel Workbook Export Block settings

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