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Create Excel dashboards template tutorial transcript

Welcome to creating Excel dashboard templates with Analytics Canvas tutorial. This tutorial aims to give you an overview of advanced features of the Excel File Export and to touch on some high level concepts such as how to create Excel workbook templates using Analytics Canvas.

To generate an Excel workbook template:

Step 1. Drag and drop the Excel Workbook Export Block from the Block Library or right-click on the Main Canvas and select “Add Export Block” and then “Excel Workbook Export”.

Step 2. Connect the Excel Workbook Export Block to a block that contains the data that you would like to export.

Step 3. Click on the Excel Workbook Export Block to access its settings, and press on the “New Workbook” button.

Step 4. Select the “Start with a template” option and click the “New” button. Provide a name and a destination folder for the workbook that you will generate from this template. Click “OK”. Analytics Canvas will create an empty workbook.

Create Excel dashboard templates

You can write the data to, and remove it from, your template file using the “Write this data to template” and “Remove this data from template” buttons. You can open your template file to preview and add formatting and graphs, by using the “Open template” button.

Step 5. Once you are ready, make sure to remove the data from the template and press the “Run with outputs” button, to generate an Excel workbook from your new template.


  • Excel Workbook Export Block
  • Excel template

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