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How to add tables to your UA backup

You may continue to add to your Analytics Canvas UA backup as long as the UA Reporting API is available.  In some cases, you may need to add a table to simply re-generate the backup tables in BigQuery, while in other cases you may decide to add more to your backup while you still can. 

You may 'top up' your backup to the row limit you have paid for with no additional charge, or you can add more rows and pay accordingly. 

For example, if your backup was 8M rows, you can return to Canvas until the end of June 2024 to add up to 2M rows to your backup at no additional charge

This article relates to the Universal Analytics Backup Utility offered by Analytics Canvas. To backup your UA data using the main Canvas platform, follow this article.


If your BigQuery account was in Sandbox / Free Trial mode during the initial export, you must DELETE THE ENTIRE DATASET. Once you have upgraded your BigQuery account to a paid plan, create a new dataset in BigQuery with the same name as you originally used when creating the backup. You can then run the export again within Analytics Canvas by adding a new table and running the update. 

If you initially ran a UA backup with insufficient permissions, update permissions before adding a simple table and running your backup again. This will reload the full backup from the original image with the addition of the new table(s).

Updating an existing UA backup

Log-in to Analytics Canvas Online and go to the UA Backups menu.  Next to any backup that has a status of "complete", you can simply click the "Edit" icon to continue adding to your backup. 


Next under the Tables tab, click "Create Table" or go to Configure Predefined and select a table that has not yet been included in your backup.  


If you are just trying to re-run your job, select Create Table and make a basic query.  In this case we've simply added Date and Sessions.


Finally, proceed to the last step, Preview and Purchase.  If you are under the row limit you've already paid for, there will simply be a RUN button. Click it to initiate loading the new table and re-exporting the full backup to your data destination. 


Canvas will fetch the new table(s), then run the entire export again. This ensures a complete load of your data to your data destination. 

Add Dashboards or Dashboard Tables to your UA Backup

To add Dashboards to a backup that has already been run, simply log back in as described above, and click the "Dashboards" button.  Then click one or more dashboards, or "Select All" to get all pages. 



If an issue arrises with your backup, don't worry - there is lots of time left to debug the issue and run your backup again.  The first thing to do is note the error message shown and refer to this section to resolve it.  If the issue persists, contact our support team for further assistance.

If the solutions above do not resolve your issue, please contact support@analyticscanvas.com and provide as much detail as possible about your situation.  Screenshots and screen share videos are very helpful and will generally result in a faster resolution. 

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