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Long Term Data tables in your Universal Analytics backup

Universal Analytics had the option for websites to enforce a Data Retention policy.  When enabled, data was purged by Google on a daily basis in accordance with the website's setting.

In the admin section of a Universal Analytics property, under "Tracking Info" > "Data Retention," a setting allows you to specify how long Google Analytics retains user and event data before automatically deleting it.

Retention periods available were: 

  • 14 months
  • 26 months 
  • 38 months 
  • 50 months 
  • Do not automatically expire

Tables developed by Analytics Canvas were designed to capture detailed data tables that were within the retention policy period.  Websites that had a data retention policy in place and required data beyond their retention period were required to create their own supplementary tables using the Custom Table Builder. 


This article relates to the Universal Analytics Backup Utility offered by Analytics Canvas. 

Supplementary tables added by Analytics Canvas

For small to mid-sized sites who had a data retention policy in place and where backups were not able to deliver before June 30th, additional tables labeled "LTD" (for "Long Term Data") have been supplied.  

These tables are relatively simple in nature, but are the only tables that were allowed for sites with a data retention policy in place.  Complex tables involving multiple dimensions simply returned no data. 

Learn more about Data Retention in Universal Analytics and GA4 in this article on our website

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