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In Analytics Canvas using Export blocks allow you to write your data into a number of different database and file types. So for this quick tutorial you will learn how to Export Google Analytics data to Excel using Analytics Canvas in a quick few steps.

Whether you have a pre-existing excel template that you want to feed your data into or if you just want to get your data into Excel to create charts and tables, you can simply drop an Excel export block onto your canvas, connect it to your data source, and configure the block to write the data to the appropriate location.

The first three steps are the same whether you’re using an existing workbook / templates or a new workbook.

  • Right click on any open area of the canvas and choose "Add Export Block > Excel Workbook Export"
  • Connect it to the data block you want to export
  • Click on the center of the Excel block to bring up the block configuration menu in the lower third of the Canvas and choose "New Workbook"

Export to an Empty Excel Workbook

  • Choose "Add new workbook"
  • Give your workbook a name, choose your Excel version and if you’d like, add a date-stamp to the file
  • Choose "OK"


  • Under “Location to insert data set in Workbook”, name your worksheet and choose "Pick"
  • Point your mouse to the top left cell where you want your data to be written and click on it.
  • Choose OK.

That’s it!  When you run your canvas, the data will be written to your workbook.

Export to an Existing Template

Let’s say you’ve already created a dashboard like the one below but instead of recreating it each time, you want to grab the template and populate it with the most recent data.


In that case:

  • Choose "New Workbook" > "Start with a template".
  • Name your export and click "OK"


  • Choose "Pick" and you can navigate through the existing tabs and cells.  Cells that already have data being written to them are highlighted in yellow
  • Choose the top left cell where your data will be written.  Your selected area will be highlighted in green..
  • Click "OK".

That’s it!  Next time you run your canvas, a copy of your template will be made, renamed as specified, and your data will be written into it.

To see your results, choose either "Open last generated workbook" in the Excel export configuration menu or "Open Excel Outputs in the top menu bar.

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