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Standard Block Controls

The following controls are standard across all blocks. Note that while the input nodes on blocks can only accept one input per node, the output of any block can be connected to the input node of any number of blocks. 



Block label:  Edit the name of the block. It helps to provide labels that describe what the block does, such as “Filter on Date > (Today() - 10)” on a filter block or “Rename columns” on a calculation block 

Block comments tab: - you can add comments about changes you made, giving you an edit history and traceability while helping your collaborators to understand your work in the block.

Nodes (also known as Stubs): While clicking on the centre of a block brings up the block control, clicking on any node brings up tools and information about the data at that node.  

  • Data:  Here you will see the number of rows in the dataset at that node.  You can page through the data using the pan and scroll controls.  You can export the data at this node to a file either as a plain CSV or compressed with gzip. 
  • Data Profiler: If you click on “Data Profiler,” you will see the option to add columns of data to profile from the selected node. 
  • Stub SQL:. This will show you the SQL statement used to generate the data at that specific node. Right-click on any Node to get additional controls or for shortcuts.



Column Definitions:  shows a list of columns and their related data types.

Block Error Icon: If you see the triangle with a “!” in it, click on it to see the warning message.



Block options: when you right-click on a block, you will see two options: to delete the respective block and to create a duplicate without connecting the nodes. You will have to manually connect the nodes again, although the block settings will be the same as the original one.




If you run into any difficulty whatsoever, visit our support page and contact us. One of our support agents will get back to you within 1 business day. 

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