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Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started with Analytics Canvas. Articles include an overview of the user interface as well as the data tools available to help you understand your data.

[Online] – Introduction to a Canvas (UI Overview)

Introduction to a Canvas (UI Overview)This article introduces the main Canvas and related controls. 1. To change the name of a...

[Online] – Standard Block Controls

BlocksBlocks are the 'building blocks' of a data workflow.  Each block is a step in your workflow, allowing you to...

[Online] – How To Use The Data Profiler

How To Use The Data ProfilerProfiling data helps to identify data quality issues that will affect reporting and analysis.  It...

How To Login To Analytics Canvas Online For New Or Existing Users

How To Login To Canvas For New Or Existing UsersAnalytics Canvas Online is in private beta. In order to access...


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