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How to Share or Transfer Ownership of the UA Backup Looker Studio Report

This article discusses how to share access to the report generated by the Analytics Canvas UA Backup Utility or to transfer ownership of it to another person.

This article relates to the Universal Analytics Backup Utility offered by Analytics Canvas. To share reports in Looker Studio, consult this Looker Studio Support article. 

Ownership of the Original Report with Your Data

The template was developed by Analytics Canvas for use by customers of the UA Backup Utility. Customers will generate a copy of the template that includes their own data.  The report that includes customer data is owned by the entity that purchased the UA backup.

The person who generated the backup within Analytics Canvas, or any user with access to the subscription, can login, go to the backup, click "Exports", then click "Create Report". They will then be shown the following screen:


They can either continue to the following step by clicking "Create Report", or they can click "Copy Report URL" to copy the link that will generate the template so that they can share it with someone else (such as a client).

The user account logged into the browser where this link opens will be the owner of the report. 


Alternatively, the link can be copied and shared with anyone who has access to the underlying data.

Sharing Access to Reports

Share the report in the same way that you do in Looker Studio.  Click the Share button in the top right corner, add a user as an Editor or Viewer, and send them the link.


The user receiving the report must have permissions to view the underlying data. Ensure you provide data access in accordance with the sections below for BigQuery and Sheets.


Transferring ownership of Reports

While it is easy to transfer ownership of a report within your domain (Google Workspace Account), you cannot transfer ownership to someone who is outside of your domain.  In that case, you can share the report with them, and they must make a copy of the report.  They will then own the copy.

Note:  there can be multiple copies of the report, each with it's own owner, all of which point to the same underlying dataset.  It is up to the customer to decide who to share ownership of the report with and who can make copies of it. 

Data Access Requirements 

Looker Studio doesn't host the data, it is stored in either Google Sheets or BigQuery.  When a user lands on the report, they either access the data through the data source Owner's credentials, or they use their own, Viewers credentials.

Learn more about data access requirements in this article from our knowledge base. 

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