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Using Query Library – tutorial transcript

Welcome to Using Query Library tutorial. This is one of number of detailed tutorials in which we explain how each feature of Analytics Canvas works, with additional context to help you understand it better, and to use it to best suit your own needs.

This tutorial aims to give you an overview of query library and to touch on some high level concepts such as what is a query library, how to add queries to your Query Library.

What is Query Library?
Query Library is another way to improve your efficiency in working with Analytics Canvas. Query Library is designed to help you reuse commonly used queries and share queries with other Analytics Canvas users. Query Library is stored locally on your machine. To send a query definition to another user of Analytics Canvas you need to save your query definition as ACGA Query file and send it as a file.

How to add queries to Query Library?
Utilizing Query Library helps reducing number of repetitive tasks that analysts have to struggle with daily. Follow the steps below to add a query to your library.

Step 1. Open the Canvas file (or create one) that is built upon a query that you frequently make.

Step 2. Click on the Query Library button located in the corner of the Navigation window. Find the current query under “Queries in current file”.

Step 3. Select current query and click Add to Library button.

Query Library - Add new query

Now it will appear in your query library every time you open a new Canvas.


  • Query Library
  • Add a query to the Query Library

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