Google Analytics query library

You can reuse commonly used queries and share queries with other Analytics Canvas users by using the query library.


The query library is stored locally, meaning that when you save a query definition into the library it is available on that particular computer.  To transfer query definitions between machines and users, you can export query definitions to query files (*.ACGAQry), and then import them where you need them.


A query definition file contains all the information needed to extract a specific set of information from a Google Analytics profile.


It does not specify the profile-  to create a specific data set, you select the profile or profiles that you wish to use, and the query definition. This means that query definitions can be used with any profile in any Google Analytics account.


To access the query library, go to the Data Sources Tab, and select "Query library".




This will take you to the query library:



Selecting a query will display the definition of the query to the right.  If you have queries that are already defined in the canvas you are working on, you will also see them in the "Queries in current file".



Importing and Exporting query definitions

To export a query definition, select it in the query library, and then press the export button. You will be asked to specify a location and name for the export file.
To import a query, press the import button, and then select the file you wish to import. If there is an identical query already in the library, then you will be asked to confirm if you want to import a duplicate. The duplicate will be renamed with a number after it.
Once you export a query definition, anyone using Analytics Canvas can import it in and add it to their library.

Adding queries from the canvas to the library

To make a query you have made in the current canvas available all the time, you need to add it to the library. Select the query you want to add, and press "add to library". Now, whenever you run Analytics Canvas, that query definition will be available.

Using the library to define an import

The library is also available whenever you are editing or creating an import. Just use the tab at the top of the query dialog, and select "Query Library".
Then select a query, and OK and this query will be used for the current operation.