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Using Block Groups – tutorial transcript

Welcome to the Using Block Groups tutorial. This is one of number of detailed tutorials in which we explain how each feature of Analytics Canvas works, with additional context to help you understand it better, and use it to best suit your own needs.

This tutorial aims to give you an overview of block groups and to touch on some high level concepts such as what is a block group and how to create block groups.

Block group is a groups of blocks joined together to be managed as a single workflow. Every block group has a title and a note. They can also be used to add comments to blocks and document block groups when used in a collaborative environment.

How to create block groups

Do you have a Canvas that you want to reuse? Maybe you want to see the formulas you included there, or jump back to see how you arranged the workflow.

Here is a little trick that you might have been looking for.

Step 1. Find a Canvas file that you want to use and open it. Select all the blocks that you plan to reuse. Right click and select “Create a block group with a note”.

Step 2. Right click on the block group and select “Export group to file”.

Note: You can also export an individual block into a file.

Step 3. When you start a new Canvas, you can import the saved block, or a group of blocks on your Canvas to reuse it. Just click on the white space on Canvas and select “Import blocks from file”.

Create block groups

Note: To remove individual blocks from a block group, right click on a block and the option “Remove block from block group” will appear. To disconnect all the blocks and remove the block group, right click on the group and select “Ungroup Blocks”.

You can also send this file to a colleague of yours who also uses Canvas, so he can save time too.


  • Block group
  • Export group to file
  • Remove individual blocks from a block group

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