Block Groups

Block groups can be formed to managed a number of blocks together, and are also used to document blocks and add notes to a canvas.


Creating block groups

To create a block group, select one or more blocks either by dragging a selection rectangle around them, or by using CTRL click to select multiple, then right click and select the option "Create block group with note"



The blocks will now be grouped together, and as you move them the group border will adjust automatically.  Every block group has a title, and a note- they can be adjusted in the control area below.  To access this, click on either the block group border or the title.



Block groups can overlap- to create another group, simply select the blocks and create a new group via the right click option:



Removing blocks from groups

To eliminate a block group, right click on its border or title, then select "Ungroup blocks (remove title and description)"


To remove individual blocks from block groups, right click the specific block, and options will appear;



Exporting block groups

Block groups can be exported to a file and then shared with others, and imported into other canvases for reuse. To save a block group as a file, right click on the border or the blog group title:

Then save the blocks to a file this will be an ACX file.

Importing Block Groups

To import a block group, right click on the canvas where you want the upper left most block to be located, and select " Import Blocks from file"  the blocks exported will be imported, and available on the canvas.