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Why don’t my results from Analytics Canvas match the GA web reports?

Analytics Canvas uses the Google Analytics APIs to retrieve your data based on your query. We do not store, access or modify the results in any way before making them available to you in the application. Generally the results from the Web and the API should be the exact same.

On very rare occasions, there are bugs which may cause you to see different results. In order to determine whether the issue is with how the data is being reported through the API or if the issue is with Canvas, the best thing to do is to build your query in the API Explorer and see what is returned.

Most often we discover that there is a filter, segment, or some other variable that is in one query but not the other. However if the queries are the exact same and you’re still getting different results, please capture screenshots of your query in the Web, API Explorer and Analytics Canvas interfaces and send them to support @ analyticscanvas.com

We will dig into the issue with you and if there is a bug, we will take the necessary steps to squash it.

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