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Finding Dimensions and Metrics in the GA4 API and BigQuery Export

Analytics Canvas supports both the GA4 API and the GA4 BigQuery Event Export as data sources.  Not all dimensions and metrics are available in both sources. For example, the BigQuery export does not contain Google Ads data, so you will not find adCost in the event ables, even though you will find that field in the API.  

For the current list of available dimensions and metrics, refer to the official Google sources:

Within Analytics Canvas, follow the instructions to find and verify that the dimensions or metrics you're looking for are available.  If they are not available in Canvas but they are shown in the links above, contact-us to request an update on the field you are looking for. 

Finding Dimensions and Metrics in the API

Use the search functions to find the dims and metrics you are looking for.  Find Custom Dimensions and Metrics under the Custom Dimensions and Metrics tab.  And find meta data fields under the Additional Columns tab. 


Finding Dimensions and Metrics in the BigQuery Event Export

In the BigQuery Event Export, you can search for available dimensions and metrics in the query editor.

If you cannot find the dimension or metric you are looking for, first ensure that it is available in the BigQuery schema and in the dataset for your account. You can verify that it is in the dataset for your account by querying the raw tables in the BigQuery console.

If the value is a custom field, such as a custom User Parameter, Event Parameter, or Custom Dimension, first check the Tree-view under the "User", "Event Parameter" and "Custom Dimension" labels.  


If you still cannot find it, go back to the Properties tab and click "Refresh Properties".  


In the query builder, make sure that the dimensional scope selector is set to "All", then search again.  If you still cannot find the value, use the "Request a new Dimension or Metric" button.  

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