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Viewing Your Data in Google Data Studio

This article is for Analytics Canvas users who have created and published a data set to the Analytics Canvas Data Studio partner connector.  

For details on how to get your data into Google Data Studio using the Analytics Canvas Partner connector, visit this article.

To view your data once you are in Data Studio, Click "Add New Data Source", then under Partner Connectors, find Analytics Canvas and click "SELECT".  You will be asked to authorize the Analytics Canvas partner connector.


Analytics Canvas Data Studio Connector

Once you select and authorize Analytics Canvas, you will see a list of data sources you have been added to.  This contains data sources that you have created and published, as well as those that other people have published and shared with you.


Select a data set, then click "Add" in the bottom right corner. You will then be shown a prompt about adding a dataset called "Analytics Canvas" to your report. 

Unfortunately the name of the data set cannot be set within Analytics Canvas.  To avoid having a series of data sets all called "Analytics Canvas", click the Pencil icon next to the name of the Data Source, then edit the name to be the same name you saw in the list of data sets.  This will make it much easier for you to identify the data set at a later time. 


How to view all of your data in Data Studio

NOTE:  Data Studio will automatically apply a 28 day filter based on the Primary Date column in the data set.  

If you do not see your data, be sure to check the Default Date Range.  The easiest way to see all of the data in your data set is to edit the Default Date Range to show a wide enough period to capture all your data.


If you change an individual table or chart, it will not be linked to a date range control.  To link your dataset to a date range control, select the dataset and the date control, right click, then select "Group".  Details shown in the video below.

You should now be able to see all of your data in Google Data Studio.  if you are having any difficulty whatsoever, visit our support page and get in touch.

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