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What is Data Preparation – tutorial transcript

Myth: Data preparation is a time-consuming manual process that is heavily prone to errors.

Fact: Data preparation, when done with the right tools, empowers users to maintain control, while accelerating the process and providing a better foundation for decision-making. Better decision-making starts with better data.

To an extent, data preparation is synonymous with, or related to: data pre-processing, data scrubbing, business intelligence, data cleansing/cleaning, and ETL (“Extract, Transform, and Load”). In this course, we are going to take a broad view of data preparation.

Here is the definition we will work with: data preparation is a step in the data analysis process, in which data from one or more sources is cleaned, and transformed and enriched to improve its quality prior to its use.

Data Preparation in the Data Analysis Process

It is easy to see the importance of data preparation – as the foundation of business decisions.

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