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Run Buttons – tutorial transcript

Welcome to the Run Buttons tutorial.
This tutorial aims to give you an overview of the Run buttons in Analytics Canvas.

Various Run Buttons are available in Analytics Canvas. They can be found at the upper left corner of the screen.

Full Run Button
run buttons
Executes all blocks and solves the entire analysis on the canvas, using all rows, writes it to the outputs, and does delivery – sends emails, publishes outputs to server or cloud. It also can refresh data snapshots. Data snapshot is the copy of the dataset obtained by Analytics Canvas.

Preview Run Button
run buttons - preview
Solves the analysis on the canvas. It does not refresh data snapshots and does not write data to the output files.

Sample Data Run Button
run buttons - sample
Solves the analysis for a specified sample of the data. It does not refresh snapshots and does not write data to the outputs.

Refresh Data Button
run buttons - refresh
Refreshes data snapshots and solves the analysis on the canvas. It does not write data to the outputs.

Stop Button
Run Button - stop
Interrupts the solving of the analysis by Analytics Canvas. Only available after the “Run” button has been clicked and before the analysis is solved. Available on all run types.


  • Full Run Button
  • Preview Run Button
  • Sample Data Run Button
  • Refresh Data Button
  • Stop Button

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