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How To Add Data From BigQuery

If you haven't yet connected your BigQuery account, start by authorizing a Service Account for your Analytics Canvas subscription within the appropriate project in your the Google Cloud Platform.  

You can then read from and write to tables in projects that the service account can access. 

1. Within Analytics Canvas Online, go to the 'Admin' section in the left navigation menu, click on 'Access your own BigQuery' and copy the service account email.

2. Go to: https://console.cloud.google.com/access/iam 

Select the Project that you wish to access in Analytics Canvas Online, then click '+Add' to add a service account to the project. 

3. Paste in the service account that was copied from Analytics Canvas, then provide the following permissions: 

  • BigQuery Job User - this allows users to run jobs, such as loading, exporting, querying, and copying data.
  • BigQuery Data Editor - this allows users to read and write data to tables within datasets.

Save the permissions for the account.  You will then see the service account listed in the member’s table with the roles provided above. 

Repeat these steps for each Project you would like to access in Analytics Canvas. 

Return to Analytics Canvas Online and you will be able to import and export data to the specified project using the service account. 


How To Add Data From BigQuery

1. From the “Add Data” section, drag and drop the “BigQuery Table” block.



2. On the left you will see “Sample Data,” that is housed in the same region as your Analytics Canvas account.

If you’ve linked your BigQuery account, the data will be available under the “BigQuery” tree view.

Locate the table you want to add to the Canvas, click on it, and then click “Select”.  If you want to add multiple tables to the Canvas, you must repeat the process and add a new block for each new table.



3. The table is now available on the Canvas.


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