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How To Add Data From BigQuery

To connect to your GA4 BigQuery dataset, first permit the Analytics Canvas Service Account for your subscription to access the BigQuery project with your data in it.  

>> Learn more in this article from our knowledge base.

There are three ways to import data from BigQuery using Analytics Canvas. 

  1. Using the GA4 BigQuery Export connector for Google Analytics 4 data. 
  2. Using the BigQuery SQL connector where you write your own SQL 
  3. Using the BigQuery Table connector, where you bring in flat tables (no Record columns)

Using the GA4 Export for BigQuery

This connector allows you to select dimensions and metrics, and generates the required SQL. To extract data from the GA4 BigQuery export, follow the directions found here.  

Using the BigQuery SQL Connector (your own SQL)

Using the BigQuery SQL Connector you can write your own SQL to bring data into Analytics Canvas from BigQuery. Simply drag the BigQuery SQL block onto the Canvas.   

Adding an SQL Import block to the Canvas

You will then be shown a list of Projects and Datasets that you have authorized Analytics Canvas to access.  Write your own SQL in the query window provided. 

Date params in a BigQuery GA4 SQL query

You can  validate the query, preview it, or validate your SQL using the controls provided.  

You can also pass date parameters into the query so that you can perform an incremental load.  Review the Help tab or follow the directions outlined in this article

Using the BigQuery Table Connector (flat tables)

1. From the “Add Data” section, drag and drop the “BigQuery Table” block.



2. On the left you will see “Sample Data,” that is housed in the same region as your Analytics Canvas account.

If you’ve linked your BigQuery account, the data will be available under the “BigQuery” tree view.

Locate the table you want to add to the Canvas, click on it, and then click “Select”.  If you want to add multiple tables to the Canvas, you must repeat the process and add a new block for each new table.



3. The table is now available on the Canvas.


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