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Calculate Block tutorial transcript

To perform data transformation in the Calculate Block:

Step 1. Bring the Calculate Block from the Block Library onto the Main Canvas, and connect it to the input data.
Step 2. To add new columns, press the “+ Calc Col” button. Define the calculation using functions and expressions in the Calculation Editor. Name the new column and click “OK”.
Step 3. To edit columns, click on the “…” button. Edit column definition in the Calculation Editor and click “OK”.
Step 4. To rename a column simply type a new column name.
Step 5. To change column order, click on the column and drag it up or down.
Step 6. To delete a column, click on the “Delete” button.
Step 7. Pass the output of the Calculate Block to another block.
Step 8. Click on the output stub of the Calculate Block, and use Data Viewer to view the created columns.


  • Add new columns
  • Edit columns
  • Rename columns
  • Change column order
  • Delete columns
  • Calculation Editor

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