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Course conclusion – tutorial transcript

Thank you for taking the course “Working with data in Analytics Canvas”! You should now have a solid understanding of existing data preparation (ETL) techniques in the field, and of how to apply these using Analytics Canvas.

The world of data is constantly changing, and the ways to address data issues always evolving. This course aims at covering the foundations of data preparation (ETL) and its applicability to business problems.

Course Results
As a result of completing this course you should be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of data preparation
  • Navigate the Analytics Canvas interface
  • Create and manage ETL data transformations using Analytics Canvas
  • Import data from external and internal sources
  • Analyze and explore data using Analytics Canvas
  • Export and Email data using Analytics Canvas
  • Automate routine data preparation and reporting tasks

Thank you for your interest in Analytics Canvas. We wish you a pleasant experience.

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Transcript – Course conclusion



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