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Connecting to an SQL Database – tutorial transcript

To connect to an SQL Database:

Step 1. Select “SQL DB” from the New Source menu; the connection dialog for an SQL database will appear.

Select SQL Database

Step 2. Provide server connection.

Step 3. Provide your security credentials using either Windows Login option or SQL Server Authentication.

Step 4. Select a database from the list.

Step 5. Optional: test your connection by clicking the “Test Connection” button.

Click “OK” to connect to the SQL database.

Step 6. Select the database table(s) or view to import. Alternatively, write an SQL Query to get the data.

Add Datasets SQL Database

Step 7. Optional: uncheck “Include all columns”, and check box to specify which columns to include in your query. Click “OK”.

SQL Database import block will appear on the Main Canvas.

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